令和の新しい時代の幕開けとともに 人生の門出を迎えられ、


この素晴らしい節目に ご結婚されるお二人へ♡




奈良の美しい 緑に囲まれて・・・☆☆


お二人の「今」を 写してみませんか☆☆







13.May.2019 Today’s photos
“Around  the Ukimi-do Hall “. 

Ukimido Hall is a  gazebo “floating” over the Sagiike Pond in the Nara Park,
and a beautiful quiet spot.
Deers are roaming in the near by parks.

The legend story of the Shinto religion says that deer is the passenger of the deity.
So they are protected carefully here.
You can enjoy the view of each season!
In addition,Fresh green season has coming!
the fresh green is so beautiful!
It is nice photo spot!
We look forward to having you join us!

Urgent news!
We have a special discount in this summer:1.June -31.Aug.2019
We will be happy to discount the prices of location- shooting plan,  knock off 30,000 yen from the price!*
We are sorry but it CANNOT be combined with any other coupon.
*this campaign applies only to specific plan :on-location shooting 
*It costs an extra 20,000yen+tax on weekends and national holidays
*excluding OSAKA shop






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プラン料金を  30,000yen OFF!


土日祝日の撮影は休日料金20,000yen(ロケ)が 別途かかります。
ロケーション+スタジオ撮影プランにも 適用します。
奈良店では 和装スタジオ1着撮影プラン及び洋装スタジオ1着
撮影プラン以外のプランが 該当・適用します。
お日にちの再撮影には 同じこちらのキャンペーン料金を 適用致します